dibujo mongo RETOCADO RGB para humor chapinguille´s  Portfolio

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  1. Hi Guillermo,

    If you’ve been in Bulgaria 1973/75, I think we know each other:)
    When I was trying to help you with Math, you were drawing sketches of a hairy Neanderthal:) Your website reminded me all this!!!

    If I’m writing to a wrong address, please, excuse me!
    It was pleasure and fun to remember those times!
    Anyway, I like your web and will keep a look at it.

    Best regards,


    • Yes my friend I´m ..I was in Lennin electronik Institute in Bulgaria.
      .Im very Happy to know about you. Can you tell me more about you and
      about others students?

  2. Hi Guille ,

    Do you remember me ? I am the lady who look like Diana Ross . You did a painting of me last september . You were standing on the pavement near the arco in Antigua.I was in a hurry and asked you to leave it at Convento Hotel / Restaurant .I am writing a book and wanted to use this picture for my book cover , Please let me know if it’s ok as soon as possible .

    Best wishes ,

    Gesmay Paynter

    I have sent you an email last week .

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